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Group Volunteering

Do you have a work team, friend group, faith group, or family members you'd like to volunteer with? Groups like this can significantly help LA Family Housing's work to end homelessness. There are a few ways your group can help:

Sponsored Volunteering

While we are incredibly grateful for your help in this critical work, we are unfortunately unable to cover the cost of materials for your event (even a small one can cost a few hundred dollars). Please check out our Sponsored Volunteering Menu to understand activities and costs.

Consider providing essential items like gloves, blankets, and more to those experiencing homelessness. You can purchase these items, rally your friends/family/workplace for support, or organize a birthday drive. The choice is yours!

Currently in need of:

Father's Day Kits

Summer Care Kits (all ages)

Skilled Volunteering

If your group is unable to provide materials, don't worry! Your unique skill set can still make a significant impact. Whether it's hair cutting, dog grooming/training, fitness class instruction, meditation/mindfulness instruction, or cooking, your expertise is highly valued. Reach out to us at to share your unique skills!

Community Volunteering

If your group does not have a budget or a particular skill set, you are welcome to sign up for any available slots at our regularly scheduled events.

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